The White Principle & Gradient

What we noticed about our initial research it that it had a minimalist setting, a white room pops of colour as accents. This white room principle is something we definitely want to explore and through a bit of research I found this on the very topic;

As literal white voids represent some “other realm”—usually a result of a dream or crossing over to another universe—physical rooms that replicate this visual effect will have the same connotations. They make excellent cells for imprisonment or interrogation—the absence of visible exits (or any sign that the outside world exists at all) implies no possibility of escape. Or, the white can represent sterility, making these rooms suitable for otherworldly hospitalization. Or, it can represent the limitless possibilities of a blank canvas, so this room could be a currently-inactive holosimulator, or some other place where literally anything can happen. –“White Void Room – TV Tropes”. TV Tropes. N.p., 2016. Web. 25 Feb. 2016.

Trying to figure what setting could be using this principle is fun  of what ways we could interpret a white room:

  • Another world, dimension
  • A clinical environment
  • A dream or magical setting
  • death …a bit dark whoops

Any who the point is just because it’s a white room doesn’t mean that its just a white room and maybe we need to look at other narratives we could explore than just keeping it as a form of style. The fact as a colour white is pure and simple..I’ve quoted something but i don’t know what…. argh moving on its simple therefore our animation should be simple.

Contrasting from stark white is having a gradient. Thinking of having a story where there are polar opposites or like a double edge sword. As stupid as it sounds the Tumblr post comes to mind  and you’re gonna get annoyed when you scroll down

Do you like the colour of the sky- Accessed 25th feb 2016 

See how annoying that was, unless you have a mac then its a case of swiping but still you could see you were going through a journey the further you scrolled down and it’s almost comes full circle.( Like a lunar cycle.) Now this could make absolutely no sense playing with the room and gradually the scene changes is something i would like to do. Beccaa thought of the scene from Coraline which visualises what i mean better than I can type it.

Coraline – Good Kitty 2009 – Accessed 25th Feb 2016



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