Aerial Screw

For research into thinking about how the city floats; I back tracked to Leonardo Da Vinci as it felt appropriate to bring in Italian influences. Thinking back to the previous research, the aerial screw could be what our city needs to keep afloat.

Da Vinci’s Aerial Screw- Accessed 28th Feb 2016

“Amongst his many intricate drawings, leonardo Da Vinci shows what it a basic human carrying helicopter like machine an obvious elaboration of Archimedes water screw. His sketch of the aerial screw device is dated to 1483 but was first published nearly three centuries later. The device comprises a relic surface that Da Vinci describes that should be  “rotated with speed that said screws bore through the air and climbs high” He realised that the density of the air is much less than that of water and so Da Vinci describes how the device needed to be relatively large to accomplish this feat”  – Leishman, J. Gordon. Principles Of Helicopter Aerodynamics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006. Print. pg 5

There was so much in that paragraph that was useful to know. For our floating city the propellors are going to be spinning at such a pace and at such scale that the device would work for our city. Although it is not in the original design we could flip it on the other end as the same principles would apply but it would fit into our design more. Hopefully we go forth with the design as common as it may be.


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