For our floating city I started modelling the bottom part of the city. For the bottom of the city it’s exterior is a bowl shape whilst the interior has a staircase. To create the structure I thought of using a bezzaire curve; however speaking to Gianni I decided to use a  deformer. By creating the staircase first the duplicating the geometry I was able to put them together and and create the bend.   This sounds easy but a whole day of trying to do this with a lot of help of Andrew Coyle and Edward Boyle (2nd Year) But hey I got it, it’s here:

So that the aerial screw can be easily placed in the floating city, I put a hole in the bottom of the structure. (fixed the geometry so theres no triangles) The structure itself reminds me of a funnel but it is now ready for it to be put together.

To help out the other guys, I helped out Jonny with the aerial screw. Whilst he did the main  beam, I made the sail. For the sail I first started with a torus but found manipulating it be  bit difficult so I changed to a helix. With the helix I was easily able to manipulate it into a sail like structure.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 23.58.04
Aerial Screw Sail

even though my modelling abilities are quite limited i’m happy i got something done!




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