Exploring through Ideas

So our group went to explore through storyboards and how we would interpret each story.

Mother Dearest ???

For the story about my mum the storyboards for that are quite straight forward as it follow the story without going much off track. Thinking of the character’s demeanour I know that the story comes across as she looks amazed at finding this new bulb. However since I know my mum to be the sassy entity that she is; I just think of Ursula from The little mermaid. Thinking of a villain, changes the demeanour of the story and to be honest I think I prefer it to have a twist that way. Like a personality switch from good to evil.  In the image below I like the glow and the composition so I tried to replicate that in my book for “experimentation”…. and doodling is fun.

Ursula The little Mermaid
I’m sorry mother

In my head this made more sense than Ursula. Smeagol from Lord of the Rings was once a man who was normal but the greed and over-powerment of ‘The ring’ turned him into a more on track minded “monster” filled with greed. As mean as this sounds thats exactly how I see my mum in this story. In terms of character design, NO I’m not that mean but I definitely think our character should have more eviler intentions.


Here is a page of a rough storyboard in my book:


Hidden Disorder

For the hidden disorder the only way I could imagine it was the structure of ‘The Present” where initially you think you know all the context of the story when you are only seeing a part of a view.  I don’t know why but this scene from Toy Story made me think of this. In the scene the Toy are terrified of Andy’s Mom because they don’t want to be taken to the yard sale. We identify with the protagonist’s which is the toys however in reality we are the adults and this is actually a normal thing. A flip on perspective!

I had the idea of having the same premise for this story, however we only see the hand and it becomes a character in itself. The it reveals it is a blind person or a short person trying to find their keys or something they own. A switch on two perspectives, now thinking about it, its sounded a lot like ‘toasted’ which the previous year had done. Animate objects os the way to go!

I had a few variations of the story where it was a lot of tweaks of the same two stories;

  • Blind person tries to find keys then falls where a person helps them up
  • An animate object on a shelf is attack by a giant hand only to reveal its a blind person

I personally like the latter but thats because its more Toy Story like.

Here are snippets of those storyboards in my book:


For style I think of having the images like a water colour drawing. I wasn’t sure which story this is related to, whether it is all of them or a specific one. ( I’m not sure ) For this style I looked at the Ryan Larkin ‘Walking.’ Mentioned in semester one,  its  obviously two dimensional so it may not work with our animation. However it’s a reminder that whatever our character may be it doesn’t have to be a literal thing but could be represented as something else? (Or what I am saying is utter bullshit)

Street Walking – Ryan larkin – Accessed 6th March 2016

Chip on your Shoulder

To be perfectly honest I had no idea how to tackle this one. I knew the premise and liked the idea but couldn’t figure out how to visualise that. Instead I thought of chip from Beauty and the Beast and how you can get chips in Porcelain. For me I started to really like this idea as in my head it featured animate objects interacting with each other. I thought of a battle as chip on your shoulder means; To seem angry all the time because you think you have been treated unfairly or feel you are not as good as other people” – Dictionary, have. “Have A Chip On Your Shoulder Meaning In The Cambridge English Dictionary”. Dictionary.cambridge.org. Web. 6 Mar. 2016.

Beauty and the Beast, Mrs Potts & Chip – Accessed 6th March 2016

Then out of nowhere new newer kettle came in so it fit more with the definition then the story became an internal aggression of an old teapot and a new kettle. So because i’m predictable here is a page from  my book.


Okay for the bullying one (stick and stones may break my bones) I got nothing not because it’s a bad idea its just I don’t know how to visualise it so I’ll see what the others have for that . Next is meeting up with the team and putting together the storyboards for presentation.


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