Revisiting Statistics

Looking at the statistics our group has; we  realised we need a lot more to back up our findings and to correctly visualise the new city. The problem as likely mentioned before is finding accurate statistics based in Rome in Italy (not Georgia as lately discovered)

However I was able to find a website which not only is a legitimate website but is based in Rome.  (Disclaimer: the photo links have to be refreshed to see)They have tables which statistics on regions in Rome as well as specific ones itself on Rome. The ones that were particularly useful were statistics on the population

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.17.10
ISTAT- Accessed 6th March 2016

Looking at the statistics you can see the life expectancy of people in Rome has increased and the death rate has decreased. Showing that the population is growing and the a need for house is going to become a growing problem. When we look at the natural balance rate it furthers shows that there is intact an imbalance of the population versus the death rate. However it also shows that marriage and fertility rate are lowering.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 20.28.01.png
ISTAT – Accessed 6th March 2016

For farming I could only find statistics in the Lazio region. When we compare this findings in 2007 to the findings in 2003, we see that agricultural area are decreasing. considering this is in 2007 we can only assume these statistics have continued to decrease.

The website didn’t just have these statistics here but many others which had subsections upon subsections. I found once you started to explore through the figures you could easily get lost amongst what information is necessary but overall it has been a massive help in terms of finding information to back up concepts.



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