Emotions through eyes

As our character is going to be in the dark, the only features that will be on show is the eyes. To convey different emotions through the eye I had had a look to see how the eye moves with each expression.

Through drawing/ acting and observing. There are various signifiers of emotions in the eyes.

Pupil: The pupil can expand and contract due to responses of light and emotion. For example; usually in cartoons when a characters feel a strong emotion, their pupils correlate with action.

Adventure Time [Accessed 8th March 2016]
“The iris is made of two types of muscle: in a brightly lit environment, a ring of sphincter muscles that encircle and constrict the pupil down to as little as a couple of millimeters across; in the dark, a set of dilator muscles laid out like bicycle spokes, which can expand the pupil up to 8 millimeters—approximately the diameter of a chickpea.

Cognitive and emotional events can also dictate pupil constriction and expansion, though such events occur on a smaller scale than the light reflex, causing changes generally less than half a millimeter. But that’s enough. By recording subjects’ eyes with infrared cameras and controlling for other factors that might affect pupil size, like brightness, color, and distance, scientists can use pupil movements as a proxy for other processes, like mental strain.” – Dilation, The et al. “The Meaning Of Pupil Dilation | The Scientist Magazine®”. The Scientist. N.p., 2012. Web. 8 Mar. 2016.

Eyelids:  As the eye lids are muscles apart of the structure of the face. They stretch contract dependent on the action. If someone wants to exaggerate their eyes are open whether it is in amazement or confusion; their lids would be further apart. The opposite action would happen if a person was sleeping or glaring.

Eyebrows : This one is obvious but unsure whether we would see them in the dark. Either way eyebrows are important, scientifically they are apart of the eyes mechanism for sweeping away dirt and sweat. However they also are important for identity and communication.

“In a recent study conducted by the University of Lethbridge in Canada, researchers showed people 25 images of celebrities without eyebrows, followed by 25 images of celebrities without eyes. Participants were able to correctly identify 56 percent of the celebrities shown without eyes, but only 46 percent of the celebrities without eyebrows” – Lindig, Sarah. “Science Says This Is Your Most Important Facial Feature”. Harper’s BAZAAR. N.p., 2015. Web. 8 Mar. 2016.

They are apart of our character and personality, to reflect on our character are they needs to convey emotion. As our character has glass we would need to take that into account, for now they are the frame for the face….obviously


Left picture 
Right picture 


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