Presentation Uno – The Ideas

Today we presented our ideas to the class, Overall I think we did good. Our feedback was good in the sense that they liked the variation of ideas we had.  It was good seeing all of our inspirations and research come together to make the ideas we created! 15 – 30 Second Animation Ideas so far…

To catch all of you what storyboards we picked to show for our presentation. There was my storyboards on the shelf idea (blindsided) and the teapot idea with for the presentation just scanned from my book as i’m so lazy. I’m sorry …no i’m not.

Beccaa did another variation of the blindsided where it followed a child making being a magician making cereal but in the end he’s just made a mess. This has a Mona the Vampire type feel and mostly from our inspiration ‘Out of Sight.’

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.28.20.png
Beccaa’s Storyboard 

There was the bright Idea which was done by Hollie who did a great job of visualising the storyboards. I think they way she drawn the character is very nice [takes notes of awesome skills]

Lorna visualised the sticks and stones may break my bones one and did a great job of visualising the story in a way I couldn’t.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.29.13.png
Lorna’s Storyboard

After the presentation we came to decision of choosing the story of my mum. it amazes me that only a few weeks ago I thought only I would laugh at has become something that now other people are gonna know about. However we also like the style of the blind animation as our references from out of sight are something we wish to explore, we will see what happens in the progression of the story!


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