Visualising the Data

I watched what I should have watched ages ago, however they is no time like the present. This is a Ted talk on data visualisation by David Mccandleuss, a data journalist. He speaks a lot about the beauty of data and how we can present that information to tell a story.

“Data is the new soil” – by playing with data we work the information, interesting findings can emerge. David said something that was very interesting;”If you combine the language of the eye with the language of the mind, you develop two languages.” To create info graphs we need to be aware of typography, alignment, design elements in order for people to formulate the information.

What we are doing with floating city is compressing all of these facts and statistics of Rome and compressing them so an audience can understand. Visualising data can be fun and can be presented in a way that the information that was uninteresting becomes interesting.

The beauty of data visualization – David McCandless [Accessed 8th March 2016]

With the Ted Talk in mind, I thought posters would be a really good idea to visualise the data instead of just presenting them on the presentation. For that I wanted get a few examples of posters that could help influence the design.

These are just some basic info graphs I found online; I really like the use of a colour palette and using the shapes and symbols for the reader to understand. By not just displaying ordinary graphs and charts, using them as part of the design we can see a nice use of space and as a reader find the information more encouraging to read. As our floating city is geometric and is hexagonal, we could play with that shape in order the design is uniform with the city itself.



These were design I found by chance and I love them. Using the mesh and branching text and images off from it could be really interesting; keeping in with the aesthetic of our design. In my head If we had more time I would make a animated info graph with the mesh moving but that my brain not being realistic! With this I think making a graphic like the hexagonal shape or something even to represent the city.

[Source links for image research: Example 1,Example 2, Example 3Example 4Example 5]

When speaking to Jonny, he was keen to come up with the template taking inspiration from this image here which follows some of my geometric inspirations. Its a CV someone has created but the idea of the dotted lines guiding the eye to the information is interesting. The use of icons here is good, taking upon my own research we could have a graphic for each poster so show the subject of the information with the leading lines taking you through the information.

CV- Accessed 8th March 2016

With the basic idea of what we wanted to achieve, Jonny was going to create the template whilst myself and Kirstin crate a few graphics and gather together the statistics and organise them. For the graphics we were thinking of creating shapes to represent, housing, tourism, farming, economic status etc which would then reflect our design choices.





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