Graphic Posters

Continuing from Tuesday’s research; we started on the graphic posters today for the presentation. Jonny came up with a few designs  for the posters which i was able to use as a template. There were complications with the dotted line template that inspired our template however this simplistic design helps us organise all of our data and images; making it much easier to read than the dotted line.

All that was left is the information and the graphics. I along with Kirstin came up with a few designs for each poster. We decided to have a poster about each element of the city to show that the design is influenced by research and statistics making it an effective city.


population stats

This is the first poster concerning housing. As our floating city in theory expands and contracts dependent on the population and the influx of tourism. Showing this with the information, people are living longer with a life expectancy of  80-85 yrs. This as well as a lower death and birth rate shows Rome is at a stand still. As the statistics reflect residents and not tourists, Rome is a congested city. With the use of expanding and contracting buildings this could result in a  less congested city.

amber stat

This is a poster for the amber, As this is the new Rome, the old buildings are left behind but as they the heart of Rome economy. They are needed for the city to survive, however the money to refurbish the city is an overwhelming amount with $35 million to just restore the Colosseum. By encasing in amber, this problem is resolved and tourism is still Rome’s main export.


This is to show that the the buildings created have a class system. The graphic is the city on a birds eye view, the further you go down the city the cheaper it is to live. As the city is one of the most expensive cities to live in, individuals can now live in the city in buildings designed like the Amalfi Coast.

farming shit

This is about the mesh of the the city and how it’s open plan allows for plants and farming. With areas of pastures , crops and cultivations decreasing  the mesh allows for plenty of space to plant crops so they city can live on it’s own produce. As said by our friend Gianni, orange grown well particularly in Rome, the mesh could allow for better sunlight for fruit.

The posters are ready for the presentation, hopefully for the presentation tomorrow everyone will be able to understand the information and it can be read clearly.


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