Meet my Mum

As we are going with the story about my mum, I thought it was important for the group to actually see what she looked like and sounded. It’s fine me telling a story but you can get a lot more from the story coming from a first hand source!


Trivia about mum:

  • Her name is Dolly (like Dolly Parton, yes ha. ha. ha.)
  • She was born in Michigan and came over to Northern Ireland when she was 10-11
  • She was also born with sarcasm which made it’s way over here
  • She’s a night owl

For animation reference, I videoed my mum retelling the story of what happened with the lightbulb. I thought it would be good for the group:

  • To know the story is actually true and i’m not making it up
  • Detailing of the story I was unable to capture
  • Possible character reference for later down the line.

I’m so happy that my mum was able to do this for me because she originally didn’t want to  be recorded. At the very start she’s very composed trying not to go into a tangent until the end where I had to tell her to stop. You can tell at the end she was getting into it, although for some reason her accent has changed in the video.  I apologise for my shaking camera skills and laughter! Hope you enjoy this, whatever this is!





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