First Draft Animatic

For the first animatic we took a lot of inspiration from Hollie’s designs in her story, trying to replicate her drawing. For the objects lighting up in the room we combined the ‘Out of Sight’ references so that when she walks across the room she bangs into things and they light up at the edges and disappear.

For the sound we did them all ourselves as you can probably tell. classic voice acting from our group! The weird “eeeeeeeeee” bit (can’t believe I just said that) was because she fell and we thought of a transition where its fuzzy and like white noise. We don’t know looking at it whether it necessary but it’s a case of trail and error!

A bright Idea Animatic 

Even when the animatic was done we knew that changes were going to have to be made. However we think we have a good starting place for changes to be made and for progression in the story.

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