Character References

For our character we had imagery of what she would look like for the story. Before even showing a picture of my mum our group drew her just as she is which is glasses and curley hair which ironically is how you would describe me. When I asked our group they said they drew an older me, so me and mum must look more alike than I thought!

An obvious attribute to our is her glasses and its an indicator that she is reading. To explore this more our group looked in characters who wear glasses and why.


Dexter – Accessed 16th March 2016

Dexters Laboratory was released on Cartoon Network about a child scientist. His glasses show that he is intellectual, a stereotypical feature for a ‘geek’ For our character her glasses aren’t necessarily based on her wit. She has the ideation go across the room but as it ends in satire, that trait may not suit

Edna Mode

Edna Mode – Accessed 16th March 2016

Edna Mode is a character from The Incredibles. Her character is the fashionista who designs the outfits for The Incredibles. she is a very funny character as she’s outspoken and free thinking. She is overtop and an eccentric like the stereostype of high end fashion designers. our character could have the same flare, that the glasses don’t just serve as a reading implement but a fashion statement. Also as my mum is very mum like Edna, sassy and outspoken would fit well.

Tina Belcher

Tina Belcher – Accessed 16th March 2016 

Tina is a character on Bobs Burgers; the eldest of children. She is known as a “dork” and is portrayed as uncool. Her glasses as mean as it is sounds sets her out as an outcast. Now our character could display this traits bit it may not be fitting to the setting.

Carl Fredicksen

Carl Fredricksen – Accessed 16th March 2016

Carl is one of the main characters in Up, about an old man treated as useless in society but wants to continue on his wife’s adventure. Despite seeing he have glasses in his childhood years. His glasses now empathise he is of old age and impaired. Now my mum isn’t going to a retirement home anytime soon but our character could have that same idea. Impaired and grumpy because they can do things for themselves and want their independence to do things.

Here are afew other characters we looked at:

Looking into the characters has made us think about the demeanour of our own. I think we are on the right track since we all are drawing roughly the character in the same way.


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