I’m not gonna lie, I’m just referencing sci-fi.

Yes I tried to make that rhyme, blogging is hard

Okay thinking of films that resemble a white room style since our setting is a white room, my brain went to sci fi films. I could reference Alien but i won’t be predictable and do that, plus my first reference sums it up what i would say for Alien..if it was a reference.

2001 Space Odyssey

I love this film, composition of the camera is gorgeous and it is considered one of the best movies of all time. To keep it relevant it’s ship has white interiors. When looking at previously research it makes sense as the is clinical but it gives it a sense that what we are looking at is beyond our own reality, a void of imagination. Because most of these Sci fi films cover this I really want to look at how they light these settings. Once you put a light in, it changes the tone of the setting.

Still from 2001: A Space Odyssey Accessed

The above picture goes through a lot of what we have been talking about. His space suit stands out and in contrast to the air lock he is currently in. Plus the use of perspective emphasises a claustrophobic space. I was watching a making of the film this exact airlock set is completely changed by it’s use  of red lighting. Showing danger to a previous calm setting (its at 30minutes in.)

Stanley Kubrick | 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968) | Making of a Myth – Accessed 16th March 2016



I love Moon, It’s probably because as you can see its main influence in looks is 2001 Space Odyssey. It uses a lot of yellow lighting to create a  comforting environment as the context of this setting is that the character Sam is in a place of safety.  While I mention Kevin Spacey’s character plays a robot who seems to display feelings despite not having a face (well…he has emoticons. they don’t count) So something else to reference when thinking of  emotions expressed in different ways.

Still from Moon- Accessed 16th March

Portal/ Portal 2

One of my favourite sci fi platform games is Portal. It follows a white principle as its set in a testing facility. The first game is short and is a calm environment this was definitely reflected in the setting and as the game progress the white colour changes and things become a lot shaded and contrasted. The jump from Portal, simplistic platformer to Portal 2 where the it becomes less about the white room the more we learn how unsafe the facility is.

Portal Trailer (HD)- Accessed 16th March 2016

Portal concept art

This is concept art for Portal 2. I love how the use of light is used emphasising the depth of the scene; using negative space to frame the background. It may not be white principle but It’s gorgeous so for this image I’m saying stuff white principle. One of my favourite character in Portal is GLaDOS, like in Space Oydssey and Blade Runner it’s the exploration of do android and robots have feelings? As GLaDOS is meant to be such a harsh character to begin with (Until her character arc is explored in the sequel but half my team haven’t played it yet so I will post no spoilers.) but it is in fact what makes her so loveable as a character. The video below explains is more than I can:

GLaDOS – Part 1: Origins – Character Lore – Accessed 16th march 2016

Out of the corners of the internet I managed to find an article from gaming publication. ‘Game Developer’  issue: January 2008. (I know which corner of the internet did I find that!) It was a really interesting article on the games success and the development of GLaDOS’ voice. Since I found it in the corners of the internet here is a screen shot of a part in the article I really liked:

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 17.04.02

The last lines are literally our character, our character is someone who is constantly going through thresholds and in the end she is defeated by the nurse. So there you go a somewhat parallel.  Also another thing mentioned in the article is the small links and in jokes between Half life and Portal. Just thinking of all the in jokes we could put in our animation to do with animation and whatever we want. Because if Valve can do, why can’t we?

Well this post started to talk about light then just went into characters and androids. well done you had one job!


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