Script and Audio

For the script and audio I tried my best to think of short and snappy lines. The one thing we don’t need is long winded speeches or cryptic lines which the audience can’t understand.

In my book I just kept going through drafts of a script that would suit having a few things in mind:

  • Containing foreshadowing – Keeping in mind my constant references of Edgar Wright (Particularly Shaun of the Dead) I definitely wanted to give the audience a “shhhhhh’ moment . Sounds weird but just meaning when they re watch it they will understand why that dialogue has been said. one way to do that is puns.
    Classic puns that could have been useful were:
    You brighten my day
    See you next fall
    I’m not falling for this again 
    I’m not bright
    I fell Tower
    Travelling light
    It’s all downhill from here.
    You get my drift, will say no more on the matter.
  • Showing aggression – For this we need to show the character’s annoyance at the light  breaking, showing the personality of a woman who blames everyone but herself.
  • Progression of story – We need to show that there is a need for her to travelling across the room otherwise the story won’t work.

I will admit the script really started to annoy me so later on spit firing with Lorna helped when we tried to record some audio for the animatic. My notes in my book did help and we got the audio sorted which you will hopefully hear in the animatic.


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