DIY Photographer

Obviously to do my head model and get stuck in I need photographs, for this I decided to this myself. Instead of waiting for someone else to do them and since I have a camera and  tripod. It seemed appropriate for me to do them myself!! Things I was aware of when taking my photos:

  • I’m going to  have to make sure i’m in the same position for the photos to ensure they are accurate in the alignment process
  • I need a picture of all angles of my head.
  • I’m going to have to pull my floppy hair back (mumbles come from the distance)

Now the downsides with taking my photos is that i’m taking them in my kitchen using two ‘Luxo’ lamps pointed at my face. Not only that but the background is a bed sheet. (Amateur or what!)  When taking these photos, I didn’t realise how self conscious I would become. So to highlight this and embarrass myself here’s points to be aware of when looking at my photos:

  • one of my features isn’t symmetrical; i’m pretty sure its my nose. Will make note when modelling.
  • My forehead is quite high so when following a tutorial I am going to have to compensate for that.
  • My chin becomes a separate thing from my face, be aware of the point my chin joints to cheek.
  • I have quite high cheek bones.
  • I have ear lobes which sit out.

Well the next step is aligning the photos together, the real work begins.


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