Colour Schemes & Typography

For colour schemes  our group went to Palletron. A site which give you suitable colour schemes. We decided to give it a go considering it may help us not choose every colour under the sun.

A main one I looked at was the the use of reds and yellows which are the colours that would feature in electrocution signs. I was thinking of how the yellow standing for  warning which could resemble our character’s threshold guardians, whilst the red could be in our characters glasses to show that really danger is our character’s ignorance. Something to think about but it is an option


Colour test 1
Electrocution Sign- Accessed 21st March 2016

Another one was general hospital colours these feature cool colours such as greens and blues. As they represent something calm and natural it can be really contrasting against something un natural like our lights and contrasting with the character’s aggression.

Here some other ones that we did:

Moving on the typography I had a quick look what hospital type is. Turns out its helvetica is what hospitals use so it isn’t happening! I thought of the idea of doing something with light, like neon signs.  For this idea I looked at few signs and tried to find some tutorials on to replicate a similar font for future reference.

Diner Sign- Accessed 21st March 2016

Realist NEON Text Effect – Accessed 21st March 2016

Another tutorial here – From skim reading it, it seems simple enough. I will see what the guys think of the typography.




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