New Animatic Draft

This is a new animatic draft. We plan to change it again but having it up to record our process as there has been so many changes. I took on the editing and drawing the new light bulb frames and the outro scene. I have realised I never posted the feedback Michael and Yuan gave us so I’ll explain as I go! (I swear I will get back into the habit of blogging)

Things that have changed due to feedback:

  •  We zoomed up on the character creating a more of a focus that its a character reading
  • We added better audio where it is more conversation and like an internal monologue (like JD off of Scrubs) This was to show context of why she has to get up and fix the problem herself, establishing their is a nurse.
  • Like we talked about with Mike, there was an issue of how she discovers the new light. When discussing how to do we thought of our character falling through a curtain where she discovers the new light that was hidden behind.
  • In the black out scene, there is more character interaction with that eyes.
  • We have an establishing shot of the lightbulb to show the new focus and have the sound of her unscrewing it to show she’s stealing it.
  • Overall drawings have changed

New Animatic draft

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