Our Character Design

Today we came together tofigureout the exact detailing of our character. We as a group qwe were drawing her in a similar way but with a few things different. We want to make sure we all are drawing her in a uniformed way.

By brainstorming and going through characteristics we made the following notes:

  • Her characteristics are that she’s like Edna Mode and Carl. Eccentric, over top and grumpy. Like everything is everyones fault but her own. For us to establish this we can pin down the audio alot more. Which means we can wrote dialogue fitting with the characters agenda.
  • Like Edna we want to show some flare using the glasses. My mum actually has always said to me she’s likes butterfly glasses and considering how retro they are now it could be the mark of a fashionista. Also with the flicked up points it could seem quite cat like!
  • As we would now consider her quite snooty, we want to give her an up turnt nose
  • For contrast, Jordan said about giving our character bunny slippers. This may have spawned from our conversation on Bobs Burgers.
  • In terms of hair and built we all though the same, short hair and large bodied. This contrasting with her small limbs would give her the looks of like Baymax.
  • In terms of colours we thought purple glasses and a standard hospital gown with pink slippers. These cool colours contrasting with our characters hot head personality.


Hollie’s Design (I know it’s fab)

With this designs we gave them to Hollie and within the evening she did amazingly and gave us a 360 degree character sheet. So now we have a character sheet for drawing and modelling.




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