Sizing and Alignment

So i can model my head I needed a tutorial/s that were informative and would be able to show me all the steps to creating good topology and a good mesh. I tried to find help with the  website ‘Digital Tutors’ ; a online resource website giving tutorials on various programmes. Through the website I found a series on creating an organised head mesh by guest tutor Paul Conner This series goes through to planning, modelling, sculpting & cleaning up the head model. So without further introduction, lets move on to planning.

In order that my head model is based of photographs which are accurate, I need to go into photoshop and size and align my images. For this I used the ruler, making sure the eyes, nose and mouth  in both the front and side view were aligned.  Taking note of how the ears and eyes line up; I realised when I was taking my photographs that I may have too close to the camera. I know this because in the front view you can’t see me ears. However as I took photos from various angles, that should make up for  downfall.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 08.57.20.png

Next we are told to look at the basic sizes of the human head. As in Maya you are meant to work in real scale, I think it is important to size my photographs to my head model is proportionally aligned accurately in the software.

Measurements I need to make a note of for:

  • Top to the bottom of the head (14) – 21.8 cm
  • Length of head (13) – 18.7cm
  • Head Breadth (1) – 14.4 cm


With these measurements, I made a cube and this became the base for my head model. This cube is only for aligning my photos in Maya, it became very useful to place my photos in the right way. I  learn that because in the side photo my nose sits out.  it doesn’t align with the front view but more starts from the chin.  (now i could be doing all this for no reason and it could be wrong but we will find out.)

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.33.43

Now to start modelling!



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