The Finer Details

Using the references from Edgar Wright about having visuals in the background. We created a couple of items that could be spotted the second time round when you watch the animation. This is also to display parallels between the character and the storyline or reveal a part or emotion of the character.


The book was created by Hollie and it’s so funny to read. Beck thought of the title of the book and we gave it to Hollie so she can take it and interpret it any way she wants. I just wish we can see it more close up in the animation!

Hollie’s Book cover


For the clipboard we wanted to something similar to what Hot Fuzz did, showing traits of the character through stuff in the background. We thought of a good way of doing this was through a patient clipboard, keeping it relevant to the hospital setting.

Still from Hot Fuzz – Accessed 25th March 2016

For the clipboard we had a little thought about what information should go on the clipboard:

  • The patient number is the number of our animation room
  • For extra puns we thought it would be funny to call our character Lumo  Edison Doe (I wrote Lumen but it got changed to Lumo. Whoops!) If you have it as initials its spells LED. Aren’t we clever?!
  • Because she’s meant to be an ignorant character, our tutor helped us pick her condition which is ‘Assititus’
  • Also because she always complains her blood type is B- . Again ..clever!
Clipboard created by Myself


We currently don’t have a poster but its something we definitely are thinking about doing. This is taken from Spaced and Hot Fuzz where the iconic image or photograph in the background is relevant to the character’s pose and stance. Used to foreshadow the character’s behaviour.

Still from Spaced – Accessed 25th March 2016

I did a design but I absolutely hate it, thinking of those hang in there kitty posters I tried to do my own. I have said to the group it isn’t going in so the poster whatever it is needs work and a bit more thought

Poster created by me. Unfortunately 

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