Constructing the Mouth

To start off the modelling process; I began with the mouth. The mouth was initially formed with as little polygons as possible just to give a basic shape. Working on the mouth I’ve realised the important of not just working in one view. By having multiple views open i can not only if my lips are aligned in the front view but if they are wrapped around the head in the side view.

Another thing that has been informed is the importance of parallel lines to give and clean and organised mesh. I know this is gonna become a bigger things when creating and joining the rest of the features. So for now I know I need to watch out of uneven polygons and edges.

Since this is patch modelling; I was aware that I would be only create one side of the face and then flipping it over. I know from looking at my facial features that my nose is not symmetrically. This edge which rough forms the clef lip may need  a lot of reworking  in order that when its flipped over. Its not a mess!

Once the basic structure of the lips where done, I moved on to the nasolabial fold. This is the beginning part where the nose and mouth meet. When moving my face (as i would do) I know there is tension when I move my lips that it effects the corners of my nose. The skin from my upper lips isn’t flat and that there is curvature. So when bringing in the knowledge I am learning not only from Paul Conner but acting out that this part of the face needs to be right. To avoid deformaties when possible!

Trying to remember my parallel lines for constructing the geometry for around the lips was a bit time consuming. Wanting to create a right amount of spacing but keeping aware of when the skin starts to change, forming the jaw.

Moving on to create a base geometry for the head. I’ve extruded the sides to the points where the direction of the head changes for e.g the cheekbones, ear, peaks at head.


at this point i don’t think it’s going terrible so thats a start, By actually looking at the geometry I can see where the edges from the mouth come to the top of the head. however that will probably change when I construct the eyes.


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