Constructing the Eye

The next thing to construct was the eye. For the eye, an eye ball was quickly mapped out. This was quickly made using sphere and sized in real scale, this will be helpful when name the lids of the eyes to pin point width of lids.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 14.20.28
Google search ‘Average size of human eye’ – Accessed 27th March 2016

Constructing the structure around the eye was quite fun, I was a bit worried that the eyes make look too puffy or too sunken in. I’m going to rely on the sculpting tool I think! As my lids sit in I’m wondering how they are going to be constructed. At this moment in time, I seem to be just mapping everything out so who knows how this will turn out.

Using the mesh around the eye, I joined it to the nose. The nose is extruded to form the bridge, or at least the point when the bridge is formed. I never before realised how much the nose sits out from the eyes. Looking at the nose it seems to form a diagonal line till it reaches the point.  When it comes to constructing the nose. It will be interesting to see how this develops

Noticing how some of my edges aren’t spaced out properly so I need to sort that out soon!


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