Sketches and Doodles

I did a really quick topology sketch awhile back of one of my reference photos. It is nothing accurate nor considered good topology however it helps me plan my model. Looking at it, I can reinforce areas of trouble like the points where my mouth connects up to the lips and just the lips area in general. Looking at my attempt I can see the topology near the ears may have the same issue.

sketching out topology

To get more of an understanding of how my facial features look; I decided to get a variety of photos  from various photos (different angles) to get an overall view of my eyes, nose and mouth. Luckily enough for myself over the summer I had did a portraiture project that meant I had different views of my face.  Whilst drawing I made a few mental notes of each feature.


My lips are quite big, not massive but my lower lip protrudes a bit, my upper lip is a bit thinner  in comparison. When it’s in it’s resting position, my bottom and top lip do not exactly line up. Instead my upper lip moves slightly to the  left. My cleft lip is quite chiselled making the points of my upper lip stand out a lot more.



I have quite a ball-ie type nose where the edge isn’t pointed but more round. The one thing I’ve noticed is my nose doesn’t aligned with the rest of my face, this could be my septum not aligning with my cleft lip. The bridge of my nose starts to concave up to the gabella where it tucks in a bit.



I have quite big pupils, not that it matters since i’m not modelling those but i would consider my eyes to be quite big. My upper and lower lids protrude bit, that could be because i’m just forever tired and my puffy eyes are trying to say something to me. That along with the sunken in bits where my dark circles are. My eye brows are high up so the gap between the lids of my eyes and brows are something I’ll make a note of.






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