Posing and Modelling references

So over the past week the guys and myself have been drawing and collecting reference photos so we can model properly. I put them in a Pinterest board so we could all universal see and have access to them (Providing there is internet, In a land of WIFI we should be fine.) I didn’t draw any images but I gathered images and took first hand photos, for some reason there is two big Luxo-like  lamps in my house so I took the opportunity to take photos of them.

To have a look at the board it should be below or if not it’s here (Click link)

Now the first thing you see when looking at the board is Beccaa’s face which may terrify as I set it up modelling references and thats  what you see but we have a reason.

Character pose / Hidden Poster

As we are basing our poses and movements in a realistic way. We took some photographs for the following scenes:

  • The scene where she is entangled in the curtain- for this we can see how the curtain will wrap around the character and well as how she would fall
  • The scene where she looks up to the new bulb and presses the button.
  • The last pose where we she is caught- for this we want to replicate pose that could be translated onto a poster.
Beccaa in “curtain”

I like the idea of the curtain having an overlapping action whilst the arms are pretty much in every other direction. Even though this is a gif, i really like this is stepped and it seems to add the choas. This gives us an indication on what to do for the curtain as well as it is wrapping around the character’s body.


This is for whenever our character sees the new light, from this we can see how the wrapped curtain comes down with the head popping up , showing us the character is seeing something above her eye line. With this and her arm reaching out to hit the button we can use to animate alongside.

For the last pose in the outro. we plan to have a poster behind the character. we thought of different posters and the themes we could tackle to make it as interesting and create as much foreshadowing as possible.

Roman Sculptures

Roman sculptures are of superior leaders, as our character is wrapped around in the curtain, we could play on how she becomes an entangled mess but the poster behind is contrasting of heroic figures. Moving on from this we actually though of status of liberty with the parallels of the liberty’s torch and Lumo’s lightbulb.

Horror movie posters

We moved on to horror movie posters. They are always so dramatic, at the time they are there to attract an audience and to me they are beautiful works of art. Mainly looking at monster poses we could imply that our character has become a monster and things have escalated. Looking back to my blog post  of my mum as Smeagol, our character could give the demeanour of complete craziness.

So now when you look through the photos they should make some sense. If you are wondering we made Beccaa do something the poses you see above. I regret nothing.


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