Connecting Features Together

I really enjoyed doing this part, there is something satisfying connecting features  it welding edges to form one geometry. I say this but knowing when it comes to sculpting and organising the mesh, there’s a lot to fix.

As you can see we are now introducing poles, which before figuring out what they were I was called them stars. learning about poles that they can cause deformities. It is important  to place this poles in places where there is no stretching of muscles. By placing  these poles in between the the lower eyelid and nose, there is less chance that there is deformities.

The same encounter of the dreaded poles happens again where the lips and cheeks join and flow in two separate ways; one going up the nose and another joining to the back of the head. I will not lie, I spent a long time trying to construct this. Making sure there is only one pole as well as putting it in a place that was suitable. However by putting it near the back of the jaw where there is little contortion that will hopefully deal with the issue.

The next part was to join the back of the head starting in the place that will be later become the ears. For this I need to make sure the topology was spaced evenly and certain points were placed so that they form the eyes. Looking at my own face i can see the corner of my just about joins up with the point of my ear.

I think the hardest part is creating the back of the head. For me it is more of a guessing game. This would be easier of I was bald! (I take it back) The challenge at the moment is spacing out the geometry  and trying to get a rounded head. While I mention it, having the same problems with the neck. I’m hoping that the further this progresses,the humanoid it will look!

Through this process I’ve noticed my chin she has changed as it’s wrong so this is a reminder to fix that as soon as possible. Going into this later on I should hopefully have more of a head and evenly spaced geometry!



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