Constructing…innards (eww)

I don’t know if I am meant to do this but I’ve started to construct a throat. This is direction it takes in the series of tutorials I am going by. I’m hoping by doing it I will have learnt something that maybe useful for animating.

Going back and adding details to the eyes, creating the lids I was previously worked about. I was aware from looking at topology examples that a lot of geometry is created in eye regions so I was preparing a lot of edge loops.

Creating the eye sockets to hold the eye in place was for me a bit of a challenge. I personally don’t like how I shaped them so they will be fixed in due course.

When adjusting some of the geometry I noticed I started making ridges more pronounced in the eyes and cheekbones which I do not like so something is going to have to be done about that. I’m hoping that the sculpting tools will help with this problem!

When making the throat i didn’t realise so much goes into it, although it looks quite poor it means if I ever want to rig and animate the character I could. Despite the lack of teeth. The downside i’m having with this is I can’t see my vertices very well due to the build up of geometry. This may be a part I delete later on or something I’m gonna have to tidy up a lot. We will see what happens!


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