So for our setting and characters we obviously all needed to do some modelling. Modelling is something I wish had done more in Floating City but was too scared to try and do something complex. With that being said over the week I had a few tasks to do, often what happened was we had to swap models so we could help each other out.


With our photographic reference of a hospital bed I attempted to model it. To give me guidance I followed a tutorial by Mike Hermes which demonstrated how to not only make a bed frame but  a pillow, mattress and a blanket.

For the bed frame Mike Hermes had made a bed with no legs, this is where I had to use my own common sense (finally) and make the bottom part of the frame by extruding out the bottom faces to make a square frame like in the reference photos.  By curving the bed frame I was able to achieve a somewhat curved panel, I was worried it would be more of a deformed head board with triangles but I tried my best not to have those in. Its not complex looking but for our animation I think you understand that its a bed frame.

Maya 2014 tutorial : How to model a bed ( NEW ) – Accessed _____ 2016

For the Pillow and Blanket, we used an N cloth. This I found had it’s challenges and I wish I had more playblast to show how many attempts it took for me to make the blanket. (Turns out trying to move the pivot is a bad idea.)  The pillow now thinking of it had the same amount of problems, I got there in the end but in retrospect I think study more about N cloths would be appropriate for future knowledge.


Character Body

To help Beccaa out with the character I started a rough body that could be worked on. Using Hollie’s character references, I  tried my best to sculpt the character’s dress. I wasn’t sure whether the limbs would be separate from the characters dress or they would be joined. I blocked in a rough arm so hopefully this will help Beccaa.  The main thing I wanted to achieve was a basic shape as a foundation so I think I’ve done that (maybe…)

The model itself Beccaa improved immensely on what I had and with Alec Parkin’s advance to split up the limbs, it made the modelling process a lot easier.


Beccaa previously attempted the hair but was having trouble. I decided to take over from this seeing if I could do any better. For this I found tutorial  where the head mesh is duplicated and then built  on so that the hair fits around the head whilst bringing able to be shaped to  our fitting.  I;m very aware the hair looks like a face hugger and may need more sculpting but face hugger it shall be!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 18.53.16


This was previously done by Jordan but we felt we needed a curtain that flowed a bit more and wasn’t as linear. For this I told some of my knowledge from using N cloths and using the soft select tool to create more of a flowing texture

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 16.47.09
Left curtain: Jordan. Right curtain: Me




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