Possibly continuing watercolour style??

So when our group was concerning style we thought about looking int grainy water colour textures. Despite us keeping with a white room principles we realised we need pops of colour and we have decided to have them muted ad faded. Researching styles we looked at artists and textures from tv shows. The other guys were way more on top of this than I was and if you’ve been on my blog before you know I reference the same shit. Any who here are styles that we think could be our textures for the room. I looked into Olly Moss but since I have already done that I’m gonna cheat and take you to a post where I already researched (Click this or not it’s fine). 

The other guys also looked into this, overall I think the style we are going for is soft faded water colour with that grainy patter to reflect on what Beccaa was talking about when considering graininess in eyes. I’m not explaining it well but trust me she will:

‘Song of The Sea’ looked at by Beccaa – Accessed 5th April
‘Studio Ghibli: The Tale of Princess Kaguya’ Looked at by Lorna – Accessed 5th April 2016
Samurai Jack looked at by Jordan – Accessed 5th April 2016



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