Life drawing reflection



As an assignment, we were told to produce a reflective blog post on one of our life drawings. As I was ill on the day this reflection was set out , I chose to reflect on a piece from a different week.

Life drawing

Looking at the gravity of this piece, our model is sitting on a chair with the hand carrying in the weight of the head. As her spine is curve her weight is also distributed to more one side. As the chair is there as support it provide a somewhat balance to the body. When looking at the leg, the left leg is providing support for the right leg which is keeping it upright position when position ed over chair. Looking at all of these points I think I somewhat  captured some of them. The arm  shows the head is resting on it but I think the legs could do with refining.  Thinking of tension in the arm I could have tried to put more emphasis on tension to show how the head is being supported.

Perspective is something I think I need more work. For the pose the left leg is in front  with the calf hidden behind the thigh. I think for this bit there should be more fore shortening of the knee, to gain more of a perspective that the knee has bent and tucked under the right leg. For the arm resting on the chair it’s the same principle. I think the foreshortening on this limb is clearer than the leg.

For the chair I think the perspective is not too bad, the legs of the chair are parrelel but incomparison with the life model there could be an issue with scale. Looking at the connection between balance and perspective is important, for weight to be distributed properly you need give perspective of the arms and arms and their position and the chair which for me is like the foundations for the pose.  The way the chair is held upright and its angle helps  with planning out the line of action. (For me at least) looking at my drawin like I said I may need to work abit on my perspective and balance as there are scale issues with my piece.

When looking at my piece I wouldn’t necessarily call it alive. This could be do to with the relationship between the chair and life model like said before concerning scale. There’s parts of the pose I like, such as her torso.

I think the biggest thing I need to work on is my tone. I think within the first 15-30 seconds I can get a good understanding of the solid drawing. I think my line of action is good and shows the curvature of the spine and the basic forms of the upper and lower body capture the proportions. However when it comes to tone and shading I think i could have refined my work more instead of  working with harsh lines. For future us I think working with soft shading and shading with the form; this would mean my drawing would look less  heavy and messy.

overall looking at the piece as a whole I think it’s believable what  pose is being carried out but needs work in terms of cleaning up lines and overall working on scale. Hopefully making note of these things will help improve my drawings



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