Thermal Camera

When discussing the flashing scene with the group, we realised the problem with having flashing objects in the dark is the continuity. Since our character is walking from one bed to another to find a light bulb. Would these flashes confuse the audience?  We took our inspiration from ‘Out of Sight’ and ‘The Optimist’ where the character is aware of these objects but light up due the impact and create a fall off like an after shock. However is our choice of style not adding but taking away from the animation.

We envisioned how this  would look that when our character is impacted with an object, the edges light up or appearance there is a fall off of light across the whole surface. S when thinking of a way to resolve this  issue  and match up our research to on screen we thought about what you would see in the dark which led to our conversation on thermal cameras. Instead of having the radiation cameras where there is colour, using the night thermal camera where it is in black an’d white. Like in stealth games such as ‘Metal Gear Solid’ or ‘Tom Clancy: Splinter Cell’; this is quite fitting with the character as she is trying to be stealthy getting undetected from one room to another.

When trying to find videos for reference I found this one which is quite helpful and gives us something to work towards. (I swear at 13 seconds it makes sense, although in general this video is just weird.It was the only one I could find I swear)

See Through and Fun Thermal Camera Experiments – Accessed 8th April 2016



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