Animatic Final Draft & Storyboards

It took me long enough but I finally upload the new animatic, one thing we were aware of was that were over 30 seconds. So we knew we had to make changes to cut down the content:

  • We realised the dialogue was too long, taking out the part about the IV which was initially there to show she was in a hospital. We realised with the set that is not needed.
  • We took away the zoom in the intro and added in the title sequence.  as this would establish the shot of the room better and frame it better composition.
  • We added button lights and flashes of the face to make the scene more interesting.
  • We changed the third scene. Having the camera zoom in behind the camera showing the new perspective of the light. We thought about having a button that she initially fell, which turns on the new light
  • We made the drawings more uniformed and more as one piece not a piece with several creators.

So I think we are stepping in the right direction, we seem to have a story that makes more sense to the audience. As well as editing the animatic, I did the storyboards as well. I already had the frames and working on both at the same time made completing both much easier. Here’s the storyboards!

A Bright Idea [Final Draft]


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