Lighting Tests

For lighting test myself and Lorna tried to tag team on the lighting, For this over the weekend we skyped each other and did various experiments to see what would work. Using our lighting inspiration from before we tried various lighting tests. This would be the first time I’ve ever touched lighting so this should be fun.

These were created with area lights, as you can see mine are bit too wacky whilst Lorna’s actually look like lights. We tried  to experiment with colours to give the room and ambience and by adding using the two lights created. The spot light for the lamp and the area light on the bed we hope it could spread out the light in a somewhat realistic way.

Again trying different lights and making small changes, it was really enjoyable doing the lighting with Lorna as we were able to bounce feedback off each other and try out new things. However we felt as if we need grounded a bit in what colours we were using.

Tarn Pisessith []

Lorna found these lighting pieces  created in Maya Autodesk by an artist called Tarn Pisessith. We really loved them and they had the exact lighting that we wanted to create. Warm lighting with a contrast of cool lighting to balance out the room.  We like the use of negative space as well which leads the eyes to the main light sources; drawing attention to certain point. We will need to do this for our character.

Image converted using ifftoany
Seven Spot Lighting – Accessed 9th April 2016 
Created with an Ambient Occlusion – Accessed 9th April 2016

For our lighting we decided the having warm lighting for the initial shot would be the best approach to tackling the lighting. As warmer lights would imply the light bulb is older compared to a contrast of the white light for the one across the room. For the last shot we wanted to try and emphasise the white room principle with a stark white I say that but initially we may have went a bit overkill but we soon learnt to tone it down to a degree.

Before I forget we managed to fix something we didn’t know we could fix. For the dark scene we wondered why the walls were showing up really bright and that we couldn’t turn them off. Turns out that was because of the ambient colour. So that got turned down and now our setting looks normal.. ish.


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