Tests for Presentation Duo

For the presentation tomorrow we did a few tests to see how they would look in the animation and to give the tutors an idea of how they would look

My tests

Scene 2 – Red LED


This is a test for the red button light. Whenever the light goes out we only see the character’s eyes we thought of having here face light up with the red button that she uses to called the nurse . Looking at the test its maybe too red and there should be more of a fall off. This is likely because as you can see the spotlight is a bit big and too close to the face.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 00.41.06
Character in Bed

Test of our character in the bed that myself and Lorna worked on. We wanted to do was show what she would look like in the scene. As so far we had been working without placing a character into the setting, we never were going to be clear on how the scene would look. I really like the shadow our character is creating against the wall. Personally I think the lighting is much better than previous ones although I’m gonna have to watch out for the area light on the bed as it’s lighting up scenes that shouldn’t. In terms of scale, we definitely need to size up the character in order she looks….not 4 years old.

Reading test

This is a reading test for our character, I laugh because I said reading but so far we doing have a rig for the arms yet so  the book is currently suspended in mid air! The test shows the eyes are moving too quick and the light is too abrupt but with the right timing and pace. It should be fine!!!!

More lighting tests of the room, personally I’m quite fond of of the right image however again like I said previously. I need to be careful when using the area light. The right one needs definite tweaking  to control the light. Was trying to experiment with the control of a new light and how there would be more whiteness to show it is the superior of both lights!

Rest of team

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 00.46.25
The After Effect

This was for the last scene, since our character is going to be making a mess when she is walking across the scene we need the setting to reflect that. For this Lorna moved around the items to show she has got up from the bed and tripped over the chair.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 00.47.38
Adding the nurse

For the nurse we were worried  we would have to model a separate character for a shadow. So with this Lorna and I talked about trying to make model a plane to create a shadow. Lorna after some trial and error was able to create a shadow. This is something we are gonna have to work on a lot more.

Chair test

Jordan worked on the chair animation with the Ambient Occlusion on. We liked the stepped

Eye movement in darkness test

For the eyes moving in the dark, Lorna and Beccaa worked on a very rough test trying to show that. Again I emphasise rough but hey we know the pupils move!!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 00.48.53
Jordan working on character

Jordan did another ambient occlusion on the character with a rotation as there gonna be scenes where she is falling she will also need to have this effect.


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