Presentation Duo – Powerpoint Strikes Back

Okay so our second presentation went okay, of course changes have to to be made. Here’s a link to that presentation for your enjoyment….

 ” Our finalised animatic number four brought forward a few suggestions-

  • the lip sync was a little off but our sound was great- heavily inspired by Terry Gilliam- thank goodness that was picked up on.
  • our start and end was quite quick- Yuan suggested that we maybe pan up the bedroom to add depth to the scene and create a better starting point.
  • the light popping or breaking wasn’t very clear- how could we convey this better?
  • the size relationship between the nurse and the patient- makes the nurse look a bit like a child. Could the posing of the nurse be better- hands on hips?
  • the setting itself was questioned- Yuan suggested that we do a pan opening- to show the size and layout of the room. ” –  Beccaa’s post because she was the smart one who wrote the feedback!

Another few things to add to that from what I remembered :

  • On relation to the character we need to make the character more fitting to the design and not be controlled by the software. Whether we get time to do this i’m not sure but it was a reminder that Maya is not the source of creativity  and that its a tool.
  • We need to show scale, we initially had this to be like a private two room setting. It makes more sense to have an actual ward, this will be replicated the set but shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Conánn in class today shown us ambient occlusion and show our group how we could invert this so it becomes more of a thermal camera. (YES)

The next two weeks are gonna be tough. Will try not to cry!


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