Outlast – Lighting/ Thermal Camera

Whilst making changes to our animation using the tutor’s advice. I decided to research bit more on lighting and thermal cameras. Luckily I was able to find a reference that combined the two!


Outlast is a survival horror game developed by Red Barrel, the games protagonist is a journalist who investigates a remote mental hospital. Looking at the similarities to our animation, there is surprisedly one or two. Our animation is no horror but they are both set in a form of hospital. (kinda) Outlast has an element in the game where you have to see through a night vision camera. The effect this gives off is exactly what our group is looking for. Obviously there shades of green which we could add if we wanted, however the premise of this thermal view where we can see in the dark but aware of the surroundings is  what we want to achieve.

[From An interview in 2013]

“How did you come up with the concept for Outlast? What made you want to create what’s (by all accounts) a different kind of horror game?

“We quickly decided we wanted to do an horror game. David and I tried to convince Ubisoft’s management to let us make one, to no avail. Hugo, one of Red Barrels’ co-founders, sent us a video from Chris Cunningham called Rubber Johnny. It gave us the idea for using night vision and the general direction we wanted to take with the game”- “Outlast: Your Questions Answered”. Shacknews. N.p., 2013. Web. 13 Apr. 2016.

Outlast night vision – Accessed 13th April 2016

Since the setting of the game is set in an abandoned place, the lighting reflects a sense of isolation and creates an unsafe atmosphere. For A bright Idea we want to create an atmosphere that she is alone and as her lamp is broken there is going to be somewhat similar looks to our animation and the game.

Source images:  first image  second image

I really like the fall off of light of these still, the yellow gives off the appearance that the lights are old much like the premise of our animation. In the first image there is also some dust and fog. Thinking of something Beccaa researched (where when you open your eyes in the dark you get that grainy  look) This effect could be very nice in our establishing shot, infact a lot of this lighting is something I would like try out in our establishing, possibly a bit lighter but the premise is still the same.




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