Stanley Kubrick

I can’t lie. I love Stanley Kubrick’s work, he is one of my inspirations as his composition and use of the camera is superb, he is a perfectionist and you begin to break down his work  you can tell a lot goes into every frame. To begin my research for the day I start of with a documentary on Stanley Kubrick. it’s a reminder that he is a very talented man but he must have been a nightmare to work for as his perfectionism gets in the way (i aint’ complaining).

The Art of Stanley Kubrick – Accessed 13th April 2016

Looking into his camera techniques. I looked into the one point perspective, each shot lines up perfectly within the lines. The setting and objects run to a vanishing point whilst the vanishing piont forming a frame of focus.  This type of camera work is inspiring to see, that this technique can apply all to his movies, in multiples scenes. I was gonna give a few examples of this but I found video that can do it for me.

Stanley Kubrick – one Point Perspective  – Accessed 13th April 2016 

There is a also a really good breakdown someone has created about the one point Perspective. The video talks a bit about ‘Full Metal Jacket’ For me this was really good because the scenes mentioned has the beds aligning to the one point perspective. This is very similar our own animation. The one point perspective can work really well for our animation as you have the scale of the room to show off and with the hospital beds uniform we can experiment with the angle to see if can create a vanishing point.

Kubrick Beyond Perspective – Accessed 13th march 2016

For me I take a lot of inspiration from The shining. I really like the atmosphere that is created by the camera. In our animation we want the intro scene to start off at one end of the room and rotate round to the character’s bed. The bat scene from The Shining is definitely want I want to achieve.  Your focus is solely on the character of Jack who who at the moment is completely crazy but whats secondary is the camera. We are guided through the room while the camera rotates around corners of the room and the stairs. This may or may nor work for us due to timing and the path of are camera may have to be a bit linear.

The Shining – Bat Scene – Accessed 13th march 2016

Reflecting back to the one point perspective but seeing it in motion. The tricycle scene in The shining is a great example of that. This scene is paced and has a tempo. We feel we are going the same speed as the camera, whenever we see the tricycle stop, we stop with it like  we are skidding with the bike.

The Shining – Steadishot by Garret Brown- Accessed 13th march 

Looking at the intro the The shining we feel as if we are travelling alongside the car. Like an eerie presence is following the family foreshadowing the events to follow.All in all its a really nice scene.

Going back to lighting, there a scene from Clockwork Orange. The shadows are so defined and you can tell its night time. Considering our animation is in the dark I’m just gonna leave this here for reference.

Clockwork Orange – Accessed 13th march 2016



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