Relight my fire (This blog is my only desire)

I tried my best to focus on intro lighting as it is our establishing shot. I’ve been advised to try and get the  room lit up in many ways as possible and show off the scale of the room; this can be done through the lamp in the room and the window lighting. I really like the perspective the room is at the moment. The vanish point is at the window and you get a sense of the length of the room through beds forming a parallel line to the wall.

I really like the second shot (the right one) I don’t know if I’m being cocky but if produce anything out of this module I’ll be happy with that shot. I don’t know if the moon is too much. I like it and if it seems bit unrealistic then ah well. I was aim to lit up parts of the room without making the room look lit. I put a light behind the curtain highlighting there is something behind the curtain.I think you can get its night time and secluded so overall i’m happy. The first picture the one lamp is fucking annoying me; I will  sort it out tomorrow

While I’m here I also gonna mention scene 3 lighting as I did bit of work on that. The point of it is that there is only one light source but we need to light the objects in the room so its doesn’t look too dark and condensed. I gave it my best shot and here is the lighting for that. tried to change the colour of the lighting to see what’ll happen. Again will work on it tomorrow.




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