The Stanley Parable- Symmetry & Setting

At this point I need to stop talking about references, I’m already aware of the many references on lighting, narration etc that i’ve forgotten about. I’m hoping someone else will have mentioned it for me because I this point I’m just spewing out randomly stuff from my short term memory!

However I did remember Stanley Parable. It is a very funny game where the narrator guides you in your very own heroic story. however you can chose to go against the narrator’s dialogue and then consequences follow your actions. i’m not explaining it well so heres some game play of the game.

The Stanley Parable – Part 1 [HD] (No Commentary) – Accessed 14th April 2016

When our room got extended this is what I thought of. The offices scenes in the game our replicated to show Stanley like the others is like everyone else and that he is no different living in a boring setting. Like our setting, symmetry seems to be a big part in their setting to emphasise how common everyone in the place is.   I’d like to think our character is in her very own Stanley Parable where she’s exploring her own narration of events that of course is going wrong. When you look outside theres just pure white to show this is not the focus as the narrator is trying to guide you through the office complex. I found that very familiar to our early on research in the white principle.

Symmetry in Stanley Parable – Accessed 14th April 2016 

I also really like the lighting in Stanley Parable

“Go through the red door” – Accessed 14th April 2016
Employee 427 – Accessed 14th April 2016




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