Update on shit

So  at the moment myself, Lorna & Jordan are getting some of the bits done that don’t require the character as Beccaa is rigging her. So far my tasks are tackling the camera in scenes 1-2, 4 & 6 and the light flickers in scenes 1 & 4

I did a couple of playlists to how they would go:

Scene 1 without character

I know they have timing issues and to be honest without the character i’m not sure of much can be done. Currently going by the audio track to get an idea of the where to pin the camera and following my influences from Kubrick.

Scene 3 lighting test

We wanted the camera to go behind the character  and the draw into the camera so far I’m really liking this shot so we will see what happens when character is introduced.

Outro soft zoom out

For the outro, it seems okay. Not quite sure what the timings are at the moment or where it is  but I think for the moment  we will leave it alone. Again for all the characters I’m saying the same things however we are closer to where we were and if we get everything else done for the character to come in then at least we can be prepared.



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