So I’ve finished the sound for the animation, which for me is a big relief and as now we can alter our animation to the timings of the sound. The voice for our character is our wonderful Lorna we tried to alter the sound from the previous ones in the animatic. Making the dialogue more sharp and snappy and adding reverb so we can tell it is an inner monologue. This influence was taken from JD from scrubs, myself and Lorna thought it would answer the problem of how to deal with why she has no mouth.

Kick her in the head , Scrubs – Accessed 18th April 2016

All sound effects were taken from  [SPONSER] which I really think adds to the audio and gives a lot more context to what is going on.


We did little timing preparations and actually brought in sound equipment for our official recording. I know fancy *insert picture of sound equipment as proof…oh wait i forgot. Take my word for it!* Because our intro and outdo were said to be too rush we though about looking into metronomes and figure our a pace for dialogue that we know  how much dialogue can be fitted in.

Below is a metronome track we created which proved to be helpful coming up with the official audio track.

Metromone Stuff

We also made notes of the general timing of how long we think scenes should be:

Recap of scenes
Scene 1- the beginning pan across beds meeting with character, light dims, 6-7 secs 
Scene 2- character’s hand reaches for new lightbulb, electrical shock, 3-4 secs
Scene 3- character walks across, bumps into chair, crashes into curtain, 5 secs
Scene 4- discovers new light reaches for it, 5 secs
Scene 5- darkness bulb unscrewing, 4 secs
Scene 6- we talked about this , 5 secs
This stuff all contributed to final product which you see at the top, progress yay!

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