Scene two Camera Change

So we were approached by Michael today and he was asking us about scene two. The one problem we were having was the character interaction with the curtain. It was that reminded that we forgot the most Iconic curtain scene

The shower scene – psycho – Accessed 20th April

With this we realised can just have a close up of the curtain which would solve our problem but the worry was would it fit along with the other scenes. I went back to Hot Fuzz and their use of jump cuts to translate that a lot is happening within a scene. (and it looks cool.)

Sea Mine – Hot Fuzz – Accessed 20th April 

With that I suggested about making scene 2 where there jump cuts or like a chain reaction of things happening.  We managed to change each part, having the chair as a zoom and having the fall of the character line up with the next shot.

Scene 2 fix 


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