Life Drawing Comparison

I know I’m not great at  posting life drawing but really quickly want to show a comparison but oh my gosh i’ve improved i’m gonna just say it.


That was my first life drawing where there absolutely no form and all I did was just concentrate on the outlines. Below is my latest life drawing


I know i’m a messy drawer and have a lot to learn but life drawing has improved my drawing skills so much. It has reminded me of arcs; how the body is curved and not straight poses with arcs create more fluid and dynamic drawings.

It has taught me solid drawing and form. That like in animation everything is made up of shapes and that the human bodies’ proportions are made up of those shapes. That my outlines need to be cleaner, I know my latest piece is still so messy but compared to my first drawing. It’s a no brainer my lines have overall become much more dynamic and confident. I will say i always forget to draw in the prop the life model has, so i can’t really comment on the overlapping action of the prop but ah well.

Life drawing has reminded me of basic proportions such as foreshorten and perspective; especially when chairs are involved!I can’t thank life drawing enough for making me like i can say i’m a better drawer with the knowledge I have learnt from the principles of animation and how Michael has been able to help us apply to our drawings.



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