Editing the Animation

The once thing I like doing is editing. I’ve always had a fondness for it and seeing all the pieces created come together. For the editing, myself and Lorna tackled it together. It was two days of realising stuff was rendered weird and trying to fix it! Some bits could be fixed whilst others; while others may not see it. I definitely can.

For editing there was just general timings being done however for scene two I tried experiment a little ;

Hot Fuzz

Mentioned many times before just to do a very brief recap. In Hot fuzz there contained this scenes with flashing images, overlays and jump cuts. This was because it to create contrast , doing paperwork is boring but Hot Fuzz is the only movie I ‘m aware that has actually made it  entertaining to watch. Reflecting on our own animation,  we don’t need to overcrowd scenes but we need to make the viewer interested in whats happening. Especially as scene two is in the dark.

Taken from Hot Fuzz 

Ryan Murphy

The class will recognise this name from semester one, as common as it is to reference I really like the transitions in Ryan Murphy’s intros. Looking a bit at America Horror Story for guidance:

AHS Asylum//Opening Credits – Accessed 25th April 2016

When looking at these intro I found an article which was interesting to see his thought process and his approach to the genre he creates for.

Do you have a design philosophy when you approach horror credits?

My philosophy, I think, is the same as for any opening credits. Try to have the idea be born out of the content and try to communicate something, try to involve the audience emotionally. If it’s a horror sequence, you try to get an emotional response whether it’s disturbing, suspenseful, mysterious or dramatic, these things kind of set the tone. I don’t know that I set out to do horror credits, but I always liked horror movies – I’m just more interested in those kind of themes. It seems sometimes the more mainstream or larger budget features, they’re trying to appeal to a broader audience – like comedies and romantic comedies – people get away with things that are less sophisticated in the typography from a design standpoint. – Hoare, James. “Se7en’S Kyle Cooper On American Horror Story Opening Credits”. SciFiNow. N.p., 2012. Web. 25 Apr. 2016.

I really like overall the disorientation in all of these things, making the audience get a glimpse of whats going on. Considering our character is in the dark and constantly bumping into things I think it would be cool to try this. Now this could totally backfire; It’s gonna back fire I know it but fuck I won’t know until I do it. The group liked it so at least someone does.



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