Last Minute Changes

Whilst we were rendering and finishing up scenes, Michael approached us today and made an interesting comment to us about our outro. He mentioned that there was no need for for a zoom out and that it was too clutter with all of all the other going on. We knew Michael was right and despite it being a day before the presentation we were determined to fix it as it was the sake of changing the camera.

So our camera changes from this :

Scene 4 camera
To this

Update scene 4 camera

While I’m here because I haven’t spoken  about the progress of the other guys in the team. I think Lorna and Beccaa have done a fantastic job with saving the rig and getting her in the poses. A few weeks ago we were stressing that there would be no character to put in a scene and now we have the character animated.

To see their process I would recommend clicking this links:

Lorna and the character in poses with the curtain 

Beccaa and the rig



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