Presentation III – This time it’s personal

So we presented and got our feedback.To be honest I was expecting worse. The tutors gave us a lot of advice to take our animation forward. As my predictable self those who wish to see the presentation can! Link Here

After the presentation we wrote down a list of stuff to fix along


so here the important bits we need to fix:

  • Establish only one light is broken to avoid confusion with the audience
  • The first camera shot doesn’t work, following Kubrick’s methods by having the camera parallel to the wall facing the beds should solve this issue
  • Fix lighting overall and in the first lamp in intro.
  • Tone down effects in scene two (I knew it, ah well)
  • Keep the animation stepped in scene 2 with more character interaction in the eyes
  • Have the bed light up in scene 3 to show she has touched it
  • Have our character caught in the midst of taking the light bulb.
  • Change the dialogue at the end of the scene as it is no longer relevant to the animation.

On the right you can see we are planning to Asana. Yes you heard it folks we have a plan to make a plan. I know the next two weeks are gonna be hard but at least we can see on the board what needs done.


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