Constructing the Ear

At this point I am aware of the topology and organisation of the head is sloppy and needs fixed. However with that still in mind I’m starting the ear and sorting out topology later.

When constructing the ear I can see how a lot of geometry can be built up in the ear. I felt at this point my ear may be off point or they may sit out too much.

Creating more geometry in the ear, I thought it was going okay. Looking at my ear i know the top is more curled in so later on i’m going to have to cater for that and my lobe is a bit bigger so will have to spread out geometry to cater for that. To create the details in the ear I extracted the face and began creating the edges. At this point the structure of the ear scares me. When making the ear initially I could see a lot of triangles forming. Eventually they turned into quads through the power of deleting and adding edges. However what bothered myself the most is the deformities behind the ear. There was a lot of geometry gather in these parts and poles and triangles that didn’t seem right. I know triangles and poles are unavoidable especially in the ear however in this case there was too many.

At this point I know I have done something wrong. All face models are different but comparing my topology to Paul Conner’s, I definitely know I’ve not paid attention. There were faces where the normals looked switched and overall it looked a mess. You could look at this and find a solution but my brain is currently tired and confused. One that note I will start again!!!


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