Constructing the ear…. again

Attempting to back into the ear i thought maybe going off someone different tutorials may help if the Digital Tutors one was confusing me. I asked the class (and Edward Boyle) and kindly I was given tutorials on how to construct an ear.

How to Model an Ear – Low Poly to Intermediate 3D Modelling Tutorial – Box Modelling


Head Modeling Maya 2015 Part 05 Ear

However looking at the tutorials, seeing that they are all done different ways. Some are box modelling and others requires me to remove geometry from the head. As helpful looking at all these tutorials were, i decided to go back into my old tutorial to finish off the ear.

By starting over the ear again I was able to get the ear done much quicker and found out I had forgotten to merge vertices and in  places where the ear and head join and split some triangles so they form quads. However I still have triangles at the back of the ear but I think working on them bit more will enable me to have less deformities.


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