Stanley Kubrick Revised

One of the critiques from Conánn was too research more in Stanley Kubrick. As I had already researched Kubrick I was stuck for a different approach. I briefly spoke about it with Ryan and then he reminded me of Stanley’s Kubrick’s technique of the lateral tracking shot. Being reminded of the tracking shots in Paths of Glory (The ironic thing was in my previous research I had this, I didn’t put two and two together)

Paths of Glory – Lateral Tracking Shot – Accessed 2nd May 2016 

There is also a great episode of every frame of painting which goes through the lateral tracking shot. It also talks about Wes Anderson who is a great director I haven’t talked about but have a great appreciation for the way he deals with composition (every scene is symmetric in some way.)

Every Frame of painting – Wolf Children Accessed 2nd May 2016

With this camera technique in mind; I applied it to the intro scene. Now there is a lot more focus on the beds and creates a gradient of whats normal to to the abnormal.

New Camera shot


While I’m here Beccaa did a research post on Alfred Hitchcock on the analysis of the shower scene so we could accurately fix scene two! 



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