It’s Grease Lightning!!

So one of critiques or pieces of advice if you will was to make the zap of electricity like a comedic zap for that we looked into videos of lightning. You would actually be surprised how little videos there are of this when initially googling I found this  and shown the group and the animation and subject of all just kept making me laugh.

Electrical Work Safety Awareness Training – Accessed 6th May 2016

Yea I did not take research seriously at all. We talked to Ryan and he reminded us of the Green Mile scene where one of the inmates on death row is in the electrocution chair and is caught on fire. One of the great things about Ryan is that he remembers references I forget and then I end up kicking myself after.

Green Mille Execution scene- Accessed 6th May 2016

After looking at these Beccaa actually found some good research on the electrocution for scene 3. So I’m gonna let you go over to Beccaa’s post because as Tubbs & Edward say “Theres nothing for you here.” (League of Gentlemen reference, no…okay then.)


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