An Eton mess of a Week

Okay I left this post the end because the past two weeks have been gradual fuck ups.


So while we were rendering are most longest and complicated scene, I had put on final gather, little did I know 240 frames across two computers would take two days because of it. Thats not all when we finally got it rendered days before it came out like this.

Camera on Acid

Our legit reaction as a group

I don’t know how this happened, I checked the frames… I thought it I did and this pieces of shit came out. At this point I had enough we realised we didn’t have an extra two days to again because we planned for editing over the weekend. We did what we never wanted to do.

The failed Render farm

Yes I know we were desperate, we tried  to render farm the intro scene. We installed the programme but because the character was textured using PSD files, the render farm wouldn’t send it through. Render farm kept crashing and when I finally got it. My laptop crashed and corrupted the file, you can learn something from this. Don’t try to render farm on a laptop!

With that not working and moments of panicking I went to every machine possibly and rendered out intro again. Took a few hours, considerably less time. If only this was done a few days ago without final gather on or the camera messing up. I wouldn’t have wrote this.


The one thing I wanted to fix was the lighting but the light fog decided not to work after much frustration we decided to render on anyways. In the end myself and Lorna fixed the go in After Effects but it can be very annoying when things at the last minutes decide to fail.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 21.32.36.png
The lighting is bad and I feel bad
When theres just one fuck up to many 

Now i’m not proud of what I did but I decided to tap out for the weekend where more mess ups were happening. For that I’m gonna pass the torch to Lorna who had a whole range of stuff to deal with. However she and Beccaa did a fantastic job if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have finished the animation.


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